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$25 is enough to transport 21 solar lights to families in Malawi.

$40 is enough to deliver 1,140 tree-planting kits and training to families in Kenya.

$110 is enough to insure 300 farmers in Rwanda against crop failure for one year.


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If we want a world free of hunger and poverty while adapting to and mitigating the climate crisis, we need to put smallholder farmers right at the centre of our efforts to tackle these issues.

Ban Ki-moon, Former Secretary-General of the United Nations

The climate crisis is a food security issue

500 million smallholder farmers across Africa are responsible for producing 80% of the continent’s food, but the climate crisis is threatening that. Changing weather patterns, lower rainfall, flooding and increased temperatures are all making it harder for them to grow enough food.

One Acre Fund is actively supporting 1 million farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa to build their climate resilience, while at the same time helping them to reduce their already minimal impact on the environment. From providing optimal seed varieties appropriate for different and changing climates, to tree planting and agricultural trainings, we’re committed to developing more resilient and sustainable food systems for farmers and the climate alike.

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Goes to supporting training and delivery to farmers in 9 countries


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